Friday, 29 October 2010

Balenciaga Silver Giant City Black Handbag Review

You have to admit that the Balenciaga Silver Giant City Black Handbag was designed for a lady of style, class and sophistication.

Now the average girl on the street might be familiar with Gucci, Prada or Louis Vuitton when questioned about what designer brands she know. However, a real fashionista will be very familiar with the Balenciaga brand and the unique handbags that they make.

Not many people might know this but Balenciaga was founded by a Spanish designer called Cristobal Balencaiga. His boutiques could be found in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona. It is also common knowledge in Spain that his creations were worn by the Spanish royalty. Today Balenciaga is owned by the company PPR who are based in France.

While Balenciaga started out designing clothes that were unique and unforgettable, today they are more renowned for their designer handbags. The Balenciaga city gold bag is one such bag. Other popular Balenciaga bags include the Balenciaga weekender, the Part Time, the Gold Giant brief bags etc.

You only have to open any women's magazine and you will likely see an image of a celebrity carrying a Balenciaga bag. If you're looking to get your first Balenciaga bag or want to add one to your collection, then the Balenciaga Silver Giant City Black Handbag will make a great addition to your designer collection. The unique features that make this bag so unforgettable include:

1. It has a soft vintage lambskin with antique silver tone hardware.
2. You will discover that it has a zip pocket with large buckles and textured giant studs adorn the front. I believe this is one of the reason why people say Balenciaga bags are motorcycle inspired.
3. If you love having a zippered bag, then this bag will not disappoint as it has a zip top closure with a leather pull tag.
4. It has whip stitched handles with 4 inches drop.
5. One other feature you might find great use for is the detachable leather framed mirror with side zip pocket
6. It measures approximately 15 inches wide by 9.5 inches tall at the center and is 4 inches deep.

You'll be delighted to know that this bag comes in a slightly different variation - the Balenciaga Gold Giant City Black Handbag. If you're looking to make a commanding impression at the next party or event you go to, then a Balenciaga city might just be the ideal companion for you.

Would you like to know where you can get Balenciaga bags online that will make a fabulous addition to your designer collection plus an unforgettable gift to a loved one?

The Balenciaga Silver Giant City Black is just one designer handbag you have to see and have in your designer collection.

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