Thursday, 28 October 2010

Gucci 137621 Black Pelham Handbag Review

The Gucci 137621 Black Pelham handbag would make a welcome addition to any fashion savvy lady's collection.

There are certain items you can immediately see on a lady that will reveal what kind of person she is. The clothes she wears, the state of her hair-do, her make-up and the bag she carries. What crosses your mind when you see a lady carrying a plain and tattered looking handbag? Disorganized, boring and un-ambitious I hear you say.

The sad reality (whether you like it or not), is that we are judged by our external features. You may have a heart of gold but unless you have an external layer that is welcoming and inviting, you might be inadvertently denying yourself of associations with potential friends or acquaintances that could prove fruitful and life changing.

When it comes to the topic of what bag to carry, you have to choose a purse that will show that you are a lady of class, style and sophistication. The Gucci 137621 Black Pelham Horsebit Bag is one bag that will not disappoint. The unique features that make this bag a must have in your designer collection include:

1. It has the classic GG logo monogram on black jacquard fabric that is synonymous with all Gucci products.
2. You will enjoy running your fingers over the beautiful black Italian leather trim.
3. You will also notice that it has a fully lined fabric interior with inside zippered pocket.
4. It has unique double braided shoulder straps that will make friends and even strangers gravitate towards you.
5. It has a polished gold hardware accent.
6. It measures approximately 19.3 inches in length by 5.1 inches in height and 4 inches in depth. If you’ve never seen or owned a Gucci Pelham bag, then I’d like you to know that this bag is quite big. This may be a plus or negative factor depending on what size of bag you’re looking for.

Now I also have to let you know that this bag not only comes in different colors like white and brown but also comes in the Guccissima leather. So if you're browsing through an online website or visiting a boutique, make sure to look out for the Gucci 137621 Medium Shoulder Bag in Black Guccissima Leather or the Gucci 137621 Shoulder bag Chocolate Guccissima Leather.

If you're looking to make a commanding statement at the next event you go to, then this Gucci Pelham Bag will be that and more.

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