Thursday, 7 October 2010

Balenciaga Weekender Black Handbag Review

The Balenciaga Weekender Black Handbag will make an ideal companion for long and short trips.

If you're currently looking for a designer weekend bag and you understand the uniquesness and style of Balenciaga bags, then the Blaenciaga Weekender is for you.

Made from incredible butter-soft 100% lambskin, the weekender isn’t your average designer handbag. The unique features that will make this bag an excellent addition to your designer collection include bad boy boasts over 20 inches of length, 13.8 inches of width and 9.1 inches of depth.

You will find it  ideal for weekend trips plus short business trips when you don't want to carry too much. It has to be said that if you load this bad girl up, you will find it can get quite heavy.

It has a very roomy internal compartment that can hold several items including your clothes, toiletries and all yuour girlie essentials. You can get Discount Balenciaga bags on You will find the weekender in six different colors: black, cherry, white brown tan and navy blue. Discover what all the fuss is about Balenciaga Weekender Bags

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