Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Looking for Prada BL0397 Brown Gauffre Doctor Leather Bag?

There are many 'first times' we will experience as we go along this journey called LIFE. Everyone remembers their first day at school. Their first kiss. Their first job. Their first car. And the list goes on and on. Some first times are a source of joy while some first times are a source of continual regret.

There are certain first times experiences common to women that men will never understand. One of those first times while trivial to some is a source of great pride to others. Your very first authentic designer handbag... and bought it with your own money!

Every girl loves her designer handbags and even though you may have many in your wardrobe, I am very sure there is always room for one more. Maybe you just added one to your collection or are thinking of adding one more at this point in time.

Right now there is a certain designer handbag that is popular on the high street and will make a wonderful addition to your purse collection or a gift to a loved one. It is the Prada BL0397 Brown Gauffre Doctor Leather Bag. This bag was designer for a lady of style, sophistication and class. It has an understated elegance that might go unnoticed by the average passer-by but will attract envious stares and complements from your friends and strangers when you attend a classy event or party.

The Prada BL0397 Brown Gauffre Doctor Leather Bag has certain features that will make you proud to own this designer accessory. These features include the Prada logo in gold metal letters on the front. A detachable leather ID detail and detachable shoulder strap. The interior is fully lined with Prada's signature fabric and features an interior zip pocket and open pocket. And you might be thinking how big or small is this bag? Well its dimensions are 12 inches by 8 inches by 4 inches. A truly stunning bag.

Now Prada have also designed the BL0397 with a tessuto/nylon fabric. You will discover that the Prada Doctor Bag BL0397 comes in Black Gathered Vela Nylon and rolled leather braided handles and leather trim. The difference between the Prada BL0397 Gauffre and the Prada BL0397 in my opinion is price. Other than that, they are both beautiful Authentic Prada handbags that will get heads turning in your direction.

Discover the Prada BL0397 Brown Gauffre Doctor Leather Bag and consider adding it your designer handbag collection.

Have a great day!