Friday, 5 November 2010

Giorgio Armani Wallets for Men

It's undeniable that Giorgio Armani wallets will be a welcome addition to any man’s designer collection.

Now there are certain things that can reveal the social class or status of a man. The car he drives, the clothes he wears and the places he goes to are prominent indicators of his personality and status. However, while these items are overt in showing the social status of a man, there are other subtle indicators that might not be noticeable on first glance.

One of these indicators is the designer wallet he carries. A wallet is a refuge for a man’s most precious possessions – photos of his loved ones; who he would kill and die for, ID cards and his credit cards and cash.
What crosses your mind when you see a man pull out a tattered and worn-out wallet? Cheap, unorganized and boring, I hear you say. 

Now a great man once said that clothes don’t make a man but they sure do introduce him. And when it comes to your wallet, the same can equally be said. 

It is therefore important that you take the time to choose a designer wallet that reflects the way you want to be viewed. The Giorgio Armani GA466 Deerskin Leather Wallet in Black is one such wallet to positively portray how you want to be viewed. This wallet was designed for a man of sophistication and style. The unique features that make this wallet a must have include:

1.      You will notice that it has “Giorgio Armani" engraved on the Front Cover of the Wallet.
2.      It also has "Giorgio Armani - Made In Italy" embossed inside when you open up the wallet.
3.      It might please you to know that there are 8 slots for your credit cards as well as a billfold compartment for your cash and receipts.
4.      There is also a middle compartment with 2 additional credit card slots plus a see-through ID slot.
5.      It measures approximately 3.5 inches by 10 inches when opened and 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches when folded.

A slight variation to this Armani wallet is the Giorgio Armani Saffiano Leather wallet. The major difference between both is the leather. 

As you can see this wallet will make a great addition to your designer collection plus also make a fantastic gift to a special person in your life. I would like to show you were you can get authentic designer wallets at a discount prices.

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