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Do Tote Handbags Have a Purpose?

Do Tote Handbags Have a Purpose?
By Ashley Tomchick

Women now have all different styles of handbags out there that they can pick from today. Handbags and purses can be chosen based on designers, colors, budgets, activities, or you can just get a different one for every single outfit you won. Even though there are many styles out there, leather tote handbags have become one of the most popular options for all kinds of women today.

Take a look at the market and you'll find that huge amounts of different purses end up on the market each day. There are designer bags that are one of a kind. Some bags are made of mesh or vinyl and very cheap. There are shoulder bags, messenger bags, hobo bags, wristlets, satchel bags, and more for you to choose from. Not only are there handbags that are mass produced, but there are knock offs produced in other countries as well as clothing designers that produce top bags and try to get your business. Still the leather totes have remained one of the big fashion statements, almost being a necessity in any woman's wardrobe these days.

The small wristlet bags can be annoying because they are so small. You can't get much more in them than money, a credit card, and your ID. They can also fall of your wrist easily, which can be a problem. Then the shoulder bags are made in such a way that purse snatchers often target them and they can be difficult to keep up on your shoulder and often slide down. Hobo bags even have shoulder straps that are larger and difficult to deal with. For many women, the comfy double hGucci Beige Brown Jolie Large Tote 211970 Bagandles that come on leather tote handbags are comfortable, secure, and allow them to easily carry what they need.

Style, grace, and elegance are all embodied in these tote handbags. They definitely look amazing. You can get them in different colors to coordinate them with your outfits and they look good in many different social settings as well. There are tote handbags that come in other materials but leathers definitely provide a look that is soft and refined, which is what many women are striving for.

One reason many women really love tote handbags is because they have plenty of room, they are easy to carry, and definitely convenient as well. You can easily grip the handles of the handbags or you can carry them on the wrist area as well, which is a great feature that many women love. This makes it more difficult to forget your purse somewhere, unlike some of the other purses out there that you have to carry on the shoulder.

Tote handbags and hobo bags have a few similarities, but there are some huge differences too. The hobo bags appear a bit on the dumpy side, which is why so many people don't really like them. They often have fasteners and zippers that you have to get through to get to the things in your bag. Once you put things in hobo bags they often look very bulky, which doesn't help out your appearance in any way.

Leather tote handbags are different. They have square and classic lines that look very sleek when you carry them. They have a wide opening which allows you to easily remove anything you need from the bag. There are a few styles that may have some type of closure, but in most cases there are no closures on these bags to worry about.

Women enjoy being able to retrieve what they need in their purse without having to deal with closures. With the roomy interior of these totes, it is easy to put everything you need into them. Due to their structure, even when you put things in the bag, they still keep their shape and look great on the outside when you are carrying them.

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