Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Can You Have Too Many Designer Handbags?

I was watching a documentary show on the telly last week. It was about a celebrity fashionista. Part of the show involved a tour of her home. What particularly struck me was the amount of handbags and shoes she had in her wardrobe. I mean it was huge. Massive. Assorted. Colourful. She had enough shoes and designer handbags to open up a boutique in the most expensive retail space anywhere in the world. I was watching the program with a friend and we got into a heated discussion after the show ended. The core of our discussion centred on this question.

Can you have too many designer handbags?

Anita felt you could never have too many designer handbags and shoes while I felt too many could definitely be a bad thing. After thinking about the pros and cons about our discussion, I think a case can be made for both sides of the argument.

I’ll present my most forceful argument for each side of the discussion.

You can have TOO many designer handbags and shoes if you absolutely have no sense of fashion and style. Have you ever watched one of those celebrity award shows were the stars sashay down the red carpet in their wonderful outfits. At every one of these events there are always one or two celebrities who get it wrong when it comes to their fashion style.

Unfortunately, while almost every celebrity has at some point or the other made a fashion faux pas, some of them do it again and again and again. For these ones, having an endless and growing designer handbag, shoes or clothes collection is pointless as they continually commit fashion crime after fashion crime. Can you imagine someone combining a Tobacco Brown Gucci 203623 Pelham Large Shoulder Bag with a pink Burberry scarf on a purple and lemon striped dress? Nasty, I hear you say. For these types then having too many handbags and shoes is a definite no no.

This obviously then makes the case for having TOO many handbags and shoes easy. There will always be new amazing handbag designs and unforgettable designer shoes that will grace the shelves of the boutiques around the world season after season. Can you afford not to have the latest Jimmy Choo shoes or the new Louis Vuitton handbag or the Fendi Chocolate Brown  Braided Spy Bag 8BR511?

As long as you can justifiably combine what’s in your wardrobe to complement your look when you go out, then yes you can never have too many designer handbags and shoes.

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