Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Black Friday Sale Humor - Top 10 Fake Gucci Handbag Signs


Okay, so Thanksgiving is upon us and what comes next…the Black Friday SALE! 

So if you've been credit crunched into saving your nickels and quarters
like a Polar Bear in hibernation, Black Friday is probably the day you've had circled
on your calendar to wreak carnage on the wild life at the Shopping Mall.
Still, there's the temptation to go thrifty…mega-thrifty and go Fake. 

Don’t do it! But if you (or someone you know) decide to go down that road and purchase 
a Fake Gucci designer handbag, here are my top 10 signs to show you
(or they) just committed a crime
1.  Your designer handbag says GUKKI and not GUCCI.

2.  After you scream 'Yes We Can' at an Obama Rally, your  fake handbag

     choruses back 'No You Can't!'

3.  When your best friend sees you at the bus stop she shakes her head
     and thinks 'Oh NO she didn't' while your worst enemy smiles and thinks
     'Oh YES she did'

4.  The authenticity card in your handbag is a discount card for the book
     'Real Handbags for Dummies'

5.  All the beggars in the City square stop begging when they see you
     walking by.

Black Friday Pandemonium

6.  The first words of your sister's baby, as you walk into her house are 'El Cheapoooooooooo'

7.  Your Pastor calls for special prayers at  the end of the service for the sister sitting at the back of the church who is suffering from CCD - Coronary Cheapilitis Disorder.

8.  The radio automatically starts playing ' That girl is so dangerous, That girl is so dangerous, That girl is a bad girl, I've seen her type before…' by Akon whenever you walk into a room.

9.  The bank cashier quickly puts up his 'Till Closed' sign as you approach
     him after he shouted 'Next!' just a second ago.

10.The inner lining in your handbag is made of newspaper with the
     headline 'Fake it, till You Make it!'

Feel free to add to our list.Who knows you might just get an email and a prize from us if we find it verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry funny.

  Invite your friends to check out our 'Black Friday Special' 
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!

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